DIY Outdoor Light




Introduction: DIY Outdoor Light

A super easy water bottle nightlight that you could take everywhere!

Step 1: What You Need

All you need is a headlamp and some sort of water jug full of water. A milk jug works perfect.

Step 2: What to Do

Then all you have to do is slide the headlamp over the jug facing towards it.

Step 3: Drink It

You can use it as a nightlight or you can even walk around in the night with it and drink it at the same time



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same Idea that those guys use in third world countries that have no electricity for their homes. These guys would take 2 litter bottles and put in boiled water to kill all bacteria and living organisms. Then they put it on the people's rooftop as a sky light with just the sun as a light source. Works very well there so we might as well use that idea for hunting where electricity is scarce too.

They use this idea slightly differently! They use a 2L PET Coke bottle, fill it with clean water and put 2 tblespns of Chlorine in it. They then cut a hole in the tin roof and secure the bottle half way in the hole. The sun then refracts the light through the bottle...55w of light! It only works during dayligh outside to light a dim room!
Maybe try some Chlorine in this instructable and see if it brightens the light!

Also, what headlamp is that, it does look bright. I think I want to get a Black Diamond healamp, but that one looks good too.

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That's a Princeton Tec Eos II, 80 lumens, similar to the BD Spot with 90 lumens. The Spot does have more features, however, and is quite a bit less expensive, if you shop wisely. Try Sierra Trading Post.

I still do -- if my headlamp batteries die, I'd like to have a backup source of light to find my spare batteries at oh-dark-thirty. Or, if my headlamps becomes compromised, a backup source. Some things deserve redundancy when backpacking.

I don't get why you would just where a head lamp because you would think that putting the light inside the milk jug would waste some light. I understand that the jug is supposed to throw the light around the area, but I would rather have direct bright light, than to have a dim light all around. It isn't a bad idea.

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you get diffused light in a larger area -- so the light is not as bright as the headlamp itself would provide but give light to much larger area; hence the whole instructable here. I guess a camp lantern is an idea lost on you.

Well I have treid it already, and no, it isn't actually that bad. Although I only had a little tiny LED flashlight, but if you had a head lamp that goes up to like 100 lumans, that I bet it would work really well. And, no, I just didn't think the headlamp and milk jug would throw that much light, because looking at the pictures, it didn't.

For backpacking, that's a little big. I use a ping pong ball I cut in half -- a white one in winter and a yellow one in bug season with an elastic hair tie cut and then knotted in holes in the ball-half. I attach to my Princeton-Tec Fuel headlamp. Virtually weightless, and easily replaceable. You can also use a piece of surgical glove, origami wax or parchment paper, lots of other lightweight options. But for chilling at the car campsite? Great job.

this is smart pull you can see at night when hunting

I use empty Clorox wipe canisters. Peel off the overwrap and insert an led white with its own battery. Night light made. I like your idea better because you know where the water jug is and the headlamp is easy to turn off. You might also place a light near the outhouse. I used to change camping sites (some near cliffs), that made this a lifesaver, expecially if there are small children in your group. For that, I use a cheap solar charged outdoor light.

what about coloring the water inside for a colored lighting effect?

simple but effective.

What a simple effective camping idea. Love it.

Yes, I find it works very well. And illuminates my tent but it's better to use as just a nightlight