DIY Overhead Camera (Super Easy and Cheap)


Introduction: DIY Overhead Camera (Super Easy and Cheap)

What you will need:


Selfie stick (With 1/4 inch thread on the bottom to connect to tripod)

Step 1:

Place down tripod

Step 2:

Rotate head on tripod so that it is perpendicular to table

Step 3:

Screw on selfie stick

Step 4:


(If your selfie stick is sagging then use wire to make a support system as seen in video)

For more detail on build please watch the video

My first instructable so I hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions



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    I used that Idea, Its very workable in need based but dangerous too.. the reason is, Selfie Stick Bottom screw hole(which is attached to Tripod) is made of soft Plastic, very loose and weaker, there is very high chances of camera falling in case of any mishap.

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    I also had this problem and I found a new selfie stick that has a metal base that goes through the whole handle. I will make a update video using it.

    That is really clever. This would be perfect for taking pictures of large drawing on a table.