DIY PC Cable Manager

Introduction: DIY PC Cable Manager

Hello everyone! Welcome to my guide on how to create cheap, aesthetic, and functional cable managers for your PC.

In today's world, PC builders are creating computers that are both functional and look amazing. This means that the insides of those computers will be displayed and that will be a good or a bad thing depending on how organized your cables are. The easiest solution is to get custom cables but, that can be very expensive and most people can't afford to pay that much just for looks. These DIY cable managers are the cheaper solution to your cable management needs.

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Step 1: Materials

For this DIY, the materials that you will be:

- Cable Ties

- Scraps of cloth or thin flexible materials

- Scissors

The materials for this DIY can all be found around your house. Cable ties commonly come with computer parts, electronics, and other large devices; alternatively they can be purchased from any hardware store. The scraps of cloth or flexible can come from old t-shirts, rags, or anything plastic. For the purpose of using materials found at home the cable managers I will be creating will not look very aesthetic but you can use materials that are the same color as your computer cables and it will look much better.

Step 2: Preparing the Material

To prepare the material follow the steps below:

1. Get your scraps of cloth, scissors, and the cables your're trying to organize in front of you if possible.

2. Get an idea about how thick the bundle of cables will be when you're hiding it.

3. Cut out a section of the cloth depending on the size you want.

4. Once you have a piece cut out, wrap it around the bundle of wire to see if it will fit. (This may take some experimentation.)

5. After you have reached your desired cloth size, you may move on to the next section.

Step 3: Setting It Up

Before proceeding to the next set of steps, you may want to cut out multiple scraps of cloth to speed the overall process up. Once you are ready follow these steps:

1. For each of your cable managers, you will need one scrap of cloth, two cable ties, and a pair of scissors.

2. After gathering your materials, you will want to make small holes close to the four corners of the scrap of cloth. (see picture)

3. Once you have created your holes, you will want to thread the zip tie through the holes as seen in the image.

4. Repeat this set of steps until you have a satisfactory amount of cable managers. Then move on to the next set of steps.

Step 4: Installation

For this set of steps you will gather your cable managers, cables, and scissors.

1. Gather the cables and your cable manager.

2. Wrap the cable manager around the bundle of wires and connect the cable ties together loosely. (refer to picture)

3. Make sure the bundle of cables is in the area IN BETWEEN the two cable ties.

4. Once you are sure that you like how the bundle is zip the cable ties all the way and tighten it.

5. After you zip it, cut the loose ends of the cable tie off. Repeat the previous steps until you have enough cable managers as you need in your computer.

6. Congratulations! You've made a cable manager!

Step 5: Installation Video Demonstration

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    3 years ago

    That's an interesting idea! It looks much neater. :)