I am so obsessed with the Dollar Tree! If you already have spray paint the cost of this project is only $2 bucks!

Materials needed:

❤️8 x 10 photo frame

❤️Spray paint

❤️Scrapbook paper or pattern printed from google on 8 x 10 paper

❤️ Dry erase marker

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Step 1: Take Photo Frame Apart

Remove plastic from frame and take glass and backing off of it.

Step 2: Spray Paint Frame

Spray paint frame, the color of your choice and give adequate drying between quotes. I used OCEAN BREEZE by Krylon

Step 3: Print Patterns Out on 8 X 11 Inch Paper

Find your favorite pattern on google and print them out on 8 x 11 inch paper. I printed some gorgeous designs like marble, flowers, polka dots, and many more.

Step 4: Re-assemble the Photo Frame

Put the glass back into the spray painted frame. Take your choice of patterned paper and insert it into the frame and install backing back on to photo frame.

Step 5: All Finished!

Your board is now finished and ready to use. You can use a paper towel or even your hand when you are ready to erase. I posted a fully detailed video below, if you want to see me make this in action.

Please check out my Youtube channel Mizfashionablylate20 for more great DIY videos.

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    3 years ago

    This is probably a really good project but that shirt is so distracting. I'm not sure if I'm amused our offended. lol

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    Reply 3 years ago

    i love that shirt :) #freedomofspeech

    i think only a basic b would be offended lol