DIY PS2 Slim Vertical Stand

I've had the ps2 slim for a while now and have only recently found the need to position it up vertically and despite seeing a ps2 slim vertical stand for a few dollars plus shipping, I decided to make my own after also failing to find diy instructions on how to build one.

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Step 1: Materials & Tools

BLANK CD/DVD : found in the bottom stack of a spool of cd's or dvd's
SHORT SCREW: computer case screw will fit into the hole in the bottom of the ps2 slim.
PHONE BOOK OR STACK OF NEWSPAPERS: so you can drill the cd/dvd on top of a flat surface
CORDLESS DRILL: to drill a hole into the cd for the screw using a 3.2" drill
SCREWDRIVER: to drive the screw into the ps2 slim's pre-existing hole

Step 2: MAKING IT!

Place the cd/dvd on top of your phonebook/newspaper base. Drill a whole in the cd anywhere on the inside ring furthest away from the center hole and make sure the screw fits. Turn the ps2 slim upside down and using a screwdriver, screw in the cd/dvd stand base you just made. Turn it back around and Voila you're done.  If you want or need it sturdier you can glue several of these blank cd/dvd's together drill the hole and use a longer screw.  It worked for me as I just needed it to stand up vertically.

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1 year ago

Hey, this instructable is quite old, but Playstation 2 still's a good gaming console. I'll try to do this thing on my PS2, but for the screw overbalance, I'll try to glue 3 or 4 CDs together, drill a hole in the same size of the screw's head in 3 of then to "hide" the head.


4 years ago on Step 2

Where does this attach? I don't see any screw hole on either side of my PS2 slim. Looking at your last photo, I'm guessing there are different revisions of the PS2 slim, because mine looks quite different.

1 reply

After some searching, it looks like Sony did indeed remove the mounting hole from newer revisions of the PS2 slim. Apparently SCPH-7000 and possibly 7500 have the mounting hole, while SCPH-7700 and later revisions (I have SCPH-90001!) do not.

Oh well. I may end up resorting to 3D printing something.


7 years ago on Introduction

Nice idea, but it "could" be a bit problematic since the "blank" cd is so thin, have you though of using the case that carries the CD's? It's a bit larger and sturdier. I mean. Great job and all, but now you got ME thinking... :D


8 years ago on Introduction

I think your idea is ok. with one blank cd and the screw it is still unstable. since the blank cd is pretty thin, the screw is really obvious in that is juts out and makes the ps2 rock back and fort a tad bit. any advice to this problem? thx

1 reply

If you can find a flat head screw, that would solve the unstable part if placed on a hard flat surface. If you have the ps2 on a carpet, any screw will be fine as it'll sink into the soft area. Btw, experiment with other substitutes to screw on the bottom as I've discussed in previous posts. Good luck and post a pic if you make something!


Reply 8 years ago on Step 2

Without the plastic spindle, the screw would throw off the balance. Actually, you can drill a hole in a ruler, piece of wood or styrofoam, old hard cover book, plastic dvd cover,etc... and secure the ps2 slim via the screw. The possibilities are endless!

If it has a hole for the screw to screw in, it should work! Otherwise, book-ends esp. the fancy solid ones featuring character sculpture would work too for both the fat and slim ps2!