Introduction: DIY PVC Clamp

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This was a feasibility study to see if I could make a low cost clamp out of PVC pipe. I made this one out of "200 psi" because it was what I had handy.

I recently saw an I'ble by someone else making clamps by sawing it into bands and cutting slots in the bands. I cannot find his post, so I cannot give him credit for his idea, which inspired me to make this one. His clamps work good, except they requires two hands to pull them apart to clamp something. I wanted to see if I could add handles so it could be applied with one hand. Now that I know it's possible, I will be making some out of "Schedule 40" PVC pipe which has a thicker wall and is stronger.

The following is how I made this one.



PVC pipe (I used 200 PSI; OD 1.25", but I would recommend "Schedule 40")

2 small pieces of flat plastic for handles to open the clamp

2 - 1/8" pop rivets & washers


Saw to cut PVC pipe (I used a chop saw, but it could be done with a hack saw)

Grinder to shape handles

Whitney hole punch or electric drill & 1/8" bit

Pop riveter

Box knife to get rid of sharp edges


This is all pretty easy.

Cut the pipe into bands & split each band

Shape the handles & scrape off sharp edges;

Punch the holes for rivets;

Install pop rivets.

They work very good, so the next step is to make bigger, stronger clamps out of 2" Schedule 40 PVC..

Step 3: Final Product

I made this one out of 2.25" pipe and 3/8" rods. It's much stronger than the previous one. Drilling the holes for the rods took some planning, measuring, and marking to get the rod placement uniform.

Step 4: How It Works

I plan on making about a dozen of this size with the rods for hand grips. This one was easy to make and will make a good addition to my tools. You cannot have too many clamps to use in metalworking or woodworking.

NOTE: I made a bigger clamp using 4" pipe. It can be seen here:



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    Thanks for the comment. These work really well for holding stuff temporarily. I have made more out of thicker PVC & all seem to work good.

    Thanks ajoyraman

    Great work!

    Nice and at least you found a use for the small pieces of pvc a lot of us probably have

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    I think that a manual rivet would be better. It would sit much more flush with the inside and outside. I'd just set the rivet over the horn of some kind of anvil to avoid crushing your ring.

    I've seen lots of clamps using PVC pipe (they are common for gluing on a gunnel for a boat) but none with handles that allow single hand operation. Neat idea!