DIY PWM Petrol Injector Tester & Cleaner




Introduction: DIY PWM Petrol Injector Tester & Cleaner

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This is what I wanted to build.Because when we are testing petrol injector we always had to use AC transformer and 230V power source.

Even Its sux when using 230V power and transformers!

but this circuit is easy.because its work with car battery too.

and this has adjustable pulse controller too. ;) 

Follow the diagram and have a fun! You can modify this for a big unit with 4 injector spray pattern and spray level tester! :D 

Remember to change the R1 Resistor.I used 220Ohm (5W) resistor. Because 100ohm is getting hot soon. 

Check out my testing video too!(its without any fuel or cleaning liquid line because I took this video on my computer table.LOl!)



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    I have a question: Why do you use 4 zener diodes on the output of the Darlington?

    I want to build for testing diesel fuel injectors this but I just don't understand that

    I hope you can answer my query

    Thanks in advance

    HOW ABOUT 8 INJECTORS ? With 10 pulse .100 pulse, 30 seconds pulse and 120 seconds continue pulse ? can you do one for me ( i got the cable injector connector )

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    no problem can expand this circuit with a proper PCB + enclose box for you.

    If you want let me know. Thanks!

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    Web :

    I need to control 6 injectors at a time. Do you have maybe a way to build another board to add for this?

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    Yes can make one with 4 to 6 pwm injector simulator. If you need one contact me. I can provide you single unit for your requirment.
    My email:

    Visit my web page too:

    Nice job. I've been looking at several Fuel injector testers on the internet, and this one is the only one that works on my circuit drawing program. Thanks for the schematic. I'm going to build this one to test and clean my injectors. Cool

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