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Introduction: DIY Paddle Mixer

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I was in the middle of a tile job and didn't want to run all the way to the store to buy a paddle mixer to chuck into my drill. I was tired of mixing the mortar/thinset by hand, so I spent a few minutes and used what I had on hand and made one that works great. It may take a little longer to get a good mix compared to a store bought version, but it gets the job done and saved me a trip.

Check out the video to see how I made it and to see it in action.

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Step 1:


  • threaded rod - approx 20" long
  • propane or MAPP gas torch
  • pliers (or thick gloves)

The concept is simple, when you heat steel so it's red hot, it's very easy to bend. I used a torch to heat some 1/4" threaded rod and bent a square into one end of it. The other end gets chucked into a drill and can be used to mix just about anything - paint, drywall mud, mortar, concrete, milk shake, etc.

I think I've mentioned this in one of my other instructables, but if you don't keep threaded rod on hand, you should. I've found a few handy uses for it over the years. You can pick up standard sizes (1/4 and 3/8) by the 10' length in the big box stores for about $6. Just look near the electrical conduit. Might as well pickup a box of 100 nuts too.

Things I've fixed or modified with threaded rod include:

  • paddle mixer
  • weld a nut to it for a custom length bolt
  • custom gear puller
  • lateral support for a riding mower hood hinge
  • hinge for a 3' wide folding trellis
  • clamp
  • Smartphone tripod adapter (prototype)
  • and more... (that I can't think of at the moment)
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