DIY Paint Chip Rainbow Banner

I wanted to add lots of color to my toddler's room, but wasn't sure how. I saw online some ideas for banners and I thought using paint chip samples would be a great, free way to add some awesome colors.

Step 1: Choose Your Samples

So, take a trip to your local harware store - Home Depot, Lowe's,etc. - and choose your colors.

I chose a variety of bright colors from Behr®. It's best to use the wide samples vs the narrow ones so that you can get a good pendant shape.

Step 2: Find the Center and Trace Your Pattern

Find the center of the sample and make your lines. You can also use a pattern such as a flower, a circle, or any other creative shape. I went with a simple pendant shape.

Step 3: Cutting, Adding Another Pattern, and Hole-Punching

Cut along the lines or pattern you drew. You can cut first then hole punch.

I wasn't sure if I was going to hang this banner along a wall or freely from wall to wall and I didn't want the back of the chips to show, so I went online and Googled "Rainbow Patterns" and found a beautiful Chevron pattern. I copy and pasted the pattern into a Word document and printed enough sheets to cover the back of the samples plus some additional sheets on white cardstock, double-sided, to add to the banner.

I traced the cut Behr® pendant over the Chevron sheet, repeated the cutting process, glued them on to the back, and hole-punched each pendant. Then I trimmed the sides.

Step 4: Stringing Along Your Banner

I used some arts and crafts yarn I had in the house from a previous project. I laced the pendants from the back (under over), tight a knot and repeated the process until I finished.

Step 5: Hang Your Banner

Not a big deal, I know, but my baby boy loved the colors and catching his eye every time he goes into his room.



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