DIY Paintbrush Holder Can

Introduction: DIY Paintbrush Holder Can

This is the perfect paintbrush can to hold paintbrushes. It's unique and simple to create so let's start making our paintbrush can!

Also, This doesn't have to be for just paintbrushes... It can be for anything else you'd like it to hold!

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Step 1: Gathering the Supplies

Things you will need:

-Colored Paper (I have Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Pink)

- Scissors

-Glue Stick


-Flower Hole Punch

-Can (I am using a Bread Crumbs Can)

-Cotton Balls

Step 2: Covering the Can

Time to cover the can with paper... I am going to use blue paper for the sky. Glue it on with your glue stick.

The blue paper wasn't big enough to fit around the can so it left a gap at the bottom of the can, but that's okay because the grass will go there.

To make the grass, cut a piece of green paper that will fit on the bottom half of the can. Use your scissors to make little slices on the top of the green paper so it looks like grass. Glue on the grass to the bottom of the can.

Step 3: Making the Flowers and Clouds

Time to create the flowers!

I used the flower hole punch to cut out two flowers of each color.

I took some light green paper and cut out thin stems for my flowers... then glued the flowers to the stems. Lastly, I simply glued the flowers and it's stem to the can. I put them all around the can.

Time for the clouds! I took a cotton ball and broke it into a small piece. I took a piece of tape and rolled it so it would be double sided and glued it to the can.

Step 4: Making the Sun and Finishing

To make the sun, take a piece of yellow paper, and cut out the corner. Then simply make a curved cut so its a sun sort of shape. Glue it to the can. Use orange paper to cut out small trianges and glue it beside the sun so it looks like sun beams.

Clean up and add paintbrushes or anything else you'd like to put in your can!


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