DIY Pallet Christmas Tree

Introduction: DIY Pallet Christmas Tree

Turn a discarded pallet into a fun Christmas crafts project!

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Step 1: Watch the Video

This wood pallet project is easy to do, its a good for beginners and anyone who wants a fun Christmas decoration in the house. My neighbor was throwing out a pallet, so we made this with it.

Step 2: Cut, Paint, Add Supports

Use the cleaner side of the pallet and strike a chalk line from one of the two center studs. Cut the face pieces, do not cut into the studs. Flip over the pallet and cut out that face pieces along the center stud.

You can sand down the wood faces before painting, but I like the rustic look of this, so I used green spray paint. I did not put on a thick coat, I like the wood surface showing through.

I cut some hand drawn stars out of card stock and used red spray paint to stencil the stars.

I then cut two pieces of scrap from the pallet to make the feet. What fun.

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    4 years ago

    You didn't mention what steps your helpers were involved with.