DIY Pallet Serving Tray




This rustic looking serving tray is sure to add some style to your home. This tray is easy to make, cheap, and looks great. Follow these easy steps to make a serving tray that people will wonder where they can get one just like it.

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Step 1: Cut Your Pieces of Wood From the Pallet.

- Cut three 28" pieces for the bottom pieces

- Cut two 9" pieces for the side pieces

Step 2: Sand Edges and Stain Wood

- Sand down the edges of all the pieces of wood

- If desired, stain wood to desired color or tone

Step 3: Align Pieces and Nail Together

- Align all pieces as shown in picture

- Glue and nail pieces together

Step 4: Add Handles

- Add desired handles to the sides of the tray

- Enjoy your amazing creation!

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    2 years ago

    That's beautiful :) I love projects with reclaimed wood!