DIY Pallet Shadow Box - Box Assemblage. L'art De La Palette. Arte De Madera De Palets

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Intro: DIY Pallet Shadow Box - Box Assemblage. L'art De La Palette. Arte De Madera De Palets

Box Assemblage in its original expression is an artistic grouping of two
and/or three dimensional collage made up of found objects placed within the confines of a box. Often the box and its objects contain a specific narrative, pay homage to an idea or person, or pictorially represent a memory. The most famous of the Box Assemblage artists was the New Yorker, Joseph Cornell (1903-1972), who created 'worlds within boxes', initially just to entertain both himself and his brother. Using pallet wood and discarded window glass to create the box within which to assemble the objects, seemed to us a great way to continue the theme of reuse, repurposing and recuperation, which lies at the very heart of the genre.

Step 1: Design and Construction of the Box and the Box Assemblage

In the above film I take you through a step-by-step guide to the creation of the box and the assemblage.

As shown in the film, it is a good idea to make a mock-up of your design first so you can see how everything will look within the space before you finally put the project together.

Have fun with your design!

A wriiten version of the film can be found here

Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments both here and on the blog or film.

Happy Recuperating!

Andy aka Organikmechanic aka The Green Lever



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