DIY Pallet Sofa





Introduction: DIY Pallet Sofa

A simple garden sofa / bench from re-used pallets

Step 1: Find Some Pallets

Best if the two pallets are the same size.

Step 2: Cut the Two Pallets in Half

Cut one along the direction of battons and the other across.

Step 3: Build in Structural Support

Trim the pallets that make the sofa arms and re-use spare pallet battons to infill the sofa arms and add support.

Step 4: Screw the Pallets Together

I used decking screws to secure each of the pallets to one another.



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11 Discussions

I did it!


Very nice. Don't protect it or treat it. Fill a spray bottle with almond oil and give it a good spritz, that will keep the water out but let it age gracefully. That would look great in a garden setting.

Awesome job - love the simple design

one of the very few pallet projects that is still clearly a pallet and yet looks nice. nicely done.


4 years ago

Looks awesome

Wow - this turned out so nice - I really love it. With some nice cushions it would be super cute! LOVE IT!!!