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Introduction: DIY Panda Sleeper Boots With Plush

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I made this panda sleeper boots for my friend's birthday with a matching panda plush. It was quite difficult to look for a present for her because she basically owns everything already. And I cannot get her a boyfriend, so I made her a panda plush with the slipper boots so she will feel warm and cozy in winter still. She loves panda a lot and hopefully she will love my present as well.

Step 1: For This Project, You Will Need:

A plain white pair of slipper boots (I got mine at La Vie En Rose)
6 pearly buttons
Black fabric paint
Needle and thread

Step 2: I Used Black Felt for the Dark Circles of the Panda's Eyes and Stitch Them Using Black Thread.

Step 3: Then I Secure 2 Pearl Buttons for the Pupils.

Step 4: First, Using a Pencil and Lightly Outline the Mouth on the Panda's Face.

Step 5: Using a Black Fabric Paint and Go Over Outline Carefully.

Step 6: Stitch the Nose Made by Cutting an Oval Out of Felt

Step 7: Stitch a Black Pom Pom at the Back for the Panda's Tail With Thread.

Step 8: Sew a Panda With Felt Holding a Bamboo and Place Inside the Boots

Follow the PDF cut out the pieces for the panda plush

Step 9:

I think these are quite cute. Sorry, I didn't take pictures of the process, hopefully you guys are still able to follow through the steps.

Have fun!

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