DIY Paper Bag Wallet




Introduction: DIY Paper Bag Wallet

Wallets are getting so expensive. Here is how you can make a cute wallet you can decorate how ever you want. And it's something you can make with things lying around your house enjoy.

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Step 1: What You Need

To make this easy wallet you need:
•a paper bag
•stickers, crayons, etc

Step 2: Prepare

First cut the front off the bag you can color it now but I like decorating it when I'm done.

Step 3: Fold

First fold the ends in. Then turn the bag around. Fold it in half and unfold it and fold the corners in again. Then fold the corners in then fold it in half and tuck it in the corners. Fold in half one last time and your done. Decorate how you want and your done.

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