DIY Paper Earrings:How to Make Round Beehive Quilled Earrings

Introduction: DIY Paper Earrings:How to Make Round Beehive Quilled Earrings

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How about making these awesome DIY Paper Earrings? This easy paper craft on how to make Round Beehive Quilled Earrings is unbelievably easy to make and indeed a great Jewelry making idea! From pairing them up with your summer dresses to a beach party or a brunch with friends, you can add these lovely colorful paper quilling earrings to add more style to your persona!

These paper earrings are incredibly easy and simple to make. Super comfortable to wear, they are a fashion statement that will make you an instant hit in any party you go to. Learn how to make paper earrings and explore the artistic side in you . Stay tuned with me for more of such amazingly easy DIY Craft Tutorials!

Step 1: Material Required for Making Paper Earrings.

Making these superb looking Quilling earrings requires absolutely simple craft supplies. Here is the complete list that you need to make these paper earrings:

Quilling strips (5 mm) in Yellow, Blue and Pink colors (Be imaginative and choose your own colors if you like!)



Earring Hooks

Jump Rings

Quilling Needle

Step 2: Lets Get Started!

Take any small container and wrap the blue quilling strip around it to make loops.

Now join the Yellow and Blue strips and make small dual colored tight coils with them.

Paste these small tight coils inside the inner rim of the blue hoops as shown.

Step 3: Create the Design Further!

Build up the design of the earrings ahead by taking a pink color quilling strip and cut in halves.

Make small tear drop shaped coils as shown.

Make curved half rings with blue strips.

Step 4: Earrings Are Just Getting Ready!

Make yellow tight coils to be pasted on the earrings.

Cut a pink colored strip in 16 equal parts and make small loose scrolls with them to make the beehive pattern with them.

Arrange these in the earrings to make a beehive pattern. check out the video for a more detailed explanation of hoew to make the beehive pattern.

Step 5: The Final Touch!

Now all that remains is adding the jump rings to the earrings.

Voila! your beautiful and colored Round Beehive Paper Earrings are absolutely ready to make you look stylish and stunning!

Step 6: Here Is a Simple and Detailed Tutorial for You!

So fellow crafters! Enjoy making and learning how to make this superb pair of Colorful Round Beehive Earrings and do not forget to check out my YouTube Channel for more of such cool crafts, DIY and How To's!

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