DIY Paper Flower: How to Make Easy Kusudama Flowers

Introduction: DIY Paper Flower: How to Make Easy Kusudama Flowers

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When it comes to paper crafts heard about Easy DIY Paper Kusudama Flower? Well, Kusudama is a primitive Japanese paper folding technique that is being practiced to make super easy and beautiful Paper flowers. You can use them as a bridal bouquet or kids school project ideas, or a part of your home decorations too. Easy paper flowers make for an awesome DIY paper project idea and Home decoration idea for your living room too

What's more! Learning How to make easy paper flowers is a best DIY project for kids crafts and helps them unleash their creative side.

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Step 1: Material That You Need to Make the Kusudama Flowers

There is no need for you to go and buy any special craft supplies if you wish to make these beautiful Kusudama flowers. Basic craft staples that your craft kit entails will suffice very easily.

Color papers

Glue Stick

Crafty Glue



Crepe Paper


Craft Wire


Green Tape

Step 2: Let Us Learn Some Paper Folding!

Take a square shaped paper and fold it in half diagonally.

Re-fold to get a diamond shaped paper.

Then fold the side flaps of the paper to get the crease as shown.

Step 3: Keep Folding the Paper.

Fold the square shaped paper as shown and stick the diagonal flaps together with a glue stick.

Step 4: You Are Almost There!

In the end you get a single petal ready.

Make 8 such petals and paste them together.

Step 5: Your Kusudama Easy Paper Flower Is Ready!

Now to form the center of the flower, take some cotton and wrap it in crepe paper.

Tie the base with a thread and cover the craft wire,i.e the stem of the bud with green tape.

Now apply glue to the bud and paste the shiny sequins on it.

Insert this craft wire in the center of the flower.

Your Kusudama Easy Paper Flower is ready!

Step 6: Your Beautiful and Easy Kusudama Paper Flower Is Done!

There is no doubt that if you learn how to make the super easy and beautiful Kusudama Flower, there are endless options for you when it comes to home decorations and it also makes for a perfect gift on occasions like Birthdays, Mother's Day, Anniversaries and any other festivities and happy occasions.

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