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Introduction: DIY Paper Gift Bow

Why buy bows for gift wrapping when you can make them. I am using double sided origami paper, but if you want to recycle old wrapping paper or magazines, that works too. You will need paper, scissors or a paper cutter, a ruler, 3 brads or fasteners, glue and an exacto knife.

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Step 1: Supplies

You will need paper, scissors or a paper cutter, a ruler, 3 brads or fasteners, glue and an exacto knife.

ANY PAPER WILL DO, just make sure you have enough of it.

Step 2: Cut Paper Into Strips

Cut the paper into strips:
8 strips of 1"x 6"
4 strips of 1"x 5"
1 strip of 1" x 4"

Step 3: Glue Strips, Cross 5" & 6" Strips, Loop 4" Strip

For the 6" and 5" strips, curl like a cause ribbon (like the pink breast cancer ones) and glue the ends so that they cross. For the 4" strip, glue it so it forms a regular loop.

Step 4: Poke Holes in Strips

With your exacto knife, poke tiny holes near the end of the crossed strips and one hole at the center of the flat part of the loop.

Step 5: Attach Strips With Brads/fasteners

Insert the brads/fastener through the holes in the strips. Once inserted, secure the brad/fastener by pulling the 2 legs apart so that they lie flat against the paper. Attach 4 of the 6" strips together (do this 2 times) in a cross formation. Take the 3rd brad/fastener and bring it through the inside of the looped strip so that the pointy part faces out, then attach the 5" strips to the loop in the same cross formation.

Step 6: Glue Layers Together

Glue the layers together. First glue the bigger layers together, make sure to stagger them so all 8 loops can be seen. After that dries, carefully glue the lop layer, line the loops up with the bottom layer. Also, make sure to put pressure on the center from behind the bow as well as the front.


Let the glue dry and you will have an awesome gift bow.  You attach it to your presents with glue or double sided tape.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    If you don't have paper cutters, you can use a craft knife and a ruler
    also good if you have to cut through multiple layers of paper. It's safer to have a sharp knife. Why? Sharper knife=less pressure=less chance of slipping