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Hi! Friends, In this Instructable I would like to show how I made a
paper heart showpiece for your showcase or desk. You can also make this showpiece as a gift for your beloved ones. This piece of craft consist of a heart made of cardboard and paper. We use a lid as a base for the stand and metal rod curved along it's length into a 'C' shape to suspend the paper heart. Kindly watch the embedded video for visual tutorial.

[ I am not a native English speaker. So kindly forgive me if my English is poor.]


Step 1: Tools and Materials Required

Materials Required:

1) White paper

2) Cardboard

3) Red fluorescent paper

4) Woolen thread

5) Lid of a container having a size of your choice and suitable for the project.

6) Metal rod

7) Beads

Tools Required:

1) Scissors

2) Glue

3) An Instant Adhesive for metal and plastic (Flex Kwik)

4) Pliers

5) Acrylic color (White)

Step 2: Paper Heart

We shall start with Paper Heart.
1-2) Take a white sheet of paper and fold it into two halves.

3-5) Now draw a heart template on one side of the folded paper as shown in the image. And then cut out the template. Now we have a heart template as a reference.

6-11) Take a piece of cardboard and trace the heart template on the cardboard. We need two of them, so draw two hearts on the cardboard and cut them out using scissors.

12-13) Glue both the hearts together.

14-19) Now take a red florescent paper and trace the heart template on it. Here also we need two of them. Cut them out using scissors.

20-24) Glue both the red hearts on to the sides of the cardboard heart.

Step 3: Border

Now, we shall give a border to the heart shape. Foe that,

1) Take a white paper strip which has a width slightly greater than the thickness of the cardboard heart and length greater than the perimeter of the cardboard heart.

2) Apply glue on to one side of the paper strip.

3-4) Now using the paper strip itself measure the perimeter of the heart and make a fold at the end point as shown in the image.

5-6) In this way cut out the required length of strip to give a border around the heart once. And paste it around the heart.

7-10) Now add 3 or 4 paper strips in this same way so as to make the border thick.

11-12) Paint the border edges with white acrylic paint.

13-16) Now cut out a piece of woolen thread as required. And tie a simple knot around the bead so that the bead comes at the middle of the thread as shown in the image.

17-18) Glue the bead on to the the top of the heart.

Step 4: Stand

Now, we need a stand in order to suspend the paper heart.

1) Take a lid of a container slightly bigger than the heart that we have just made.

2-6) Take the metal rod and a cylindrical container in order to curve the metal rod along it's length.

7-10) Now we have the metal rod curved into an arc shape. Using pliers cut off the extra length of the metal rod so as to get a perfect 'C' shape as shown in the image.

11-14) Take two beads and glue them on to the ends of the metal rod.

15-17) Now glue the C-shaped metal rod on to the lid as shown in the image and paint the metal rod white.

Step 5: Hang the Paper Heart

Finally, hang the paper heart,

1-5) Take the paper heart with the woolen thread attached to it. First of all tie a simple knot between the thread and then tie it around the metal rod so that the paper heart comes right at the center of C-shaped metal rod. Remove the extra length of the thread using a scissor.

Step 6: Paper Heart Showpiece

So we have finished our Paper Heart Showpiece. Hope you all enjoyed this instructable. Kindly forgive my mistakes in the tutorial and please point out my mistakes and also give me your valuable suggestions for my future projects.



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