DIY Paper Lamp




Introduction: DIY Paper Lamp

This paper lamp is a little bit difficult and would take at least one to two days. so let us list the materials and the tools needed.


  1. Newspaper/A4 sheet paper
  2. School Glue
  3. Poster color/Fabric colors
  4. Cardboard
  5. Marbles ball(optional)
  6. Glue stick
  7. stapler pins
  8. candles/electric bulb


  1. Hot glue gun
  2. cutter
  3. stapler

So let's get started.

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Step 1: Making Paper Rolls.

To make a paper roll you need an A4 sheet paper/Newspaper now just roll it using a stick I used a pen refill to roll them down and easily slide out the refill and using glue attach their ends. you need minimum 72 paper rolls now using a marker pen or a thick stick to roll and using glue attach their ends also and let them dry.

Step 2: Colouring Paper Rolls.

To color paper rolls you need a poster color/fabric color. using a flat brush or a round brush color them separately so that it may look beautiful.

Step 3: Sticking Paper Rolls

Now using a cardboard cut a round circle of an 8cm radius and stick the paper rolls to it and fill them by attaching one upon one with glue.until the paper rolls get finished. now take one more plate of 8 cm and one more cut inside in it of 6 or 5 cm. It will be easy if we make a unique name for this section A1.

Step 4: Making a Strong Base

Now using a newspaper and quilling it makes a base X2 after using your thumb gently press in its tip and paste them in their tip.afterwards joint this base to A1.

Step 5: Making Its Stand

I Have given the size and the layout .make this in a cardboard and bend it afterward joint its edges using a sticker or a glue gun make sure it is hard or otherwise it will get bend.

Step 6: Attach Them All.

using a school glue or using a hot gun attach them all .

Step 7: Light It Up !

use a candle as a light source you could also use the electric bulb as a light source. And if you like this project please vote me in the stick it contests.

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    Nice looking lamp. Bonus points for it being easily made from recycled materials.


    Reply 1 year ago