How to Make Origami Phone Stand




Introduction: How to Make Origami Phone Stand

hi guys,this is diy paper of phone is very easy and standing origami paper stand..

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Step 1: Step 1 : Let's Begin

i have using paper in 15x15 let's start begin make..

Step 2: Step 2)Folding & Unfloding

Fold paper vertically and horizontally and unfold it.

Step 3: Step 3) Side in Center

Fold sides to the center

Step 4: Step 4)again Folding Center Line

Turn Into 90 degree & fold upper and bottom sides to center line(see possible center line & fold in center line)

Step 5: Step 5)Behinding & Fold Again Center Line

upper part goes behind and folded center line.

Step 6: Step 6)Folding a Diagonal Line

Come back as step 5 (rotated).Fold along diagonal Lines and unfold it.

Step 7: Step 7)Folding Into Triangle Layer & Pyramid Shape

Fold triangle under front layer so you from a pyramid shape & fold them (do as pressly for shape as pyramid.

Step 8: Step 8)Opening a Sticking Part

open up the sticking part..i did draw in picture where is sticking part.

Step 9: Step 9)Folding for Stir Phone

fold that part in half and again half part folding..

Step 10: Done..

Done..your phone stand(origami)Has completed..

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