DIY Paper Plate Photo Frame:Photo Frame Using Paper Plate


Introduction: DIY Paper Plate Photo Frame:Photo Frame Using Paper Plate

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Hi, Guys I made this Photo frame using paper plates. In my previous project, I have made paper plate lamp, It's awesome. It's very easy quick also very low cost and super fun. I saw this square paper plate in Dollar Tree. Then I got the idea of making the lamp and the photo frame. I really love the final look of the photo frame I am very excited to share with you. This photo frame I decorate as seasonal, you can decorate with your own imagination as you like. And don’t forget to watch my, another project Paper plate lamp, link is here:


1) Paper Plates (square)

2) Wool

3) Construction paper

4) Pompom

5) Faux snow

6) Glue

7) Duct tape

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Step 1: Making the Photo Frame:

First, take 4 paper plates and then 4x4 inch square cut in the middle of the plate. Then take print of your photo 5x5inch stick to the back of the plate. Then I decorate the plate as 4 seasons. I used construction paper to decorate the plate. For trees, leaves, grass, flower, I used construction paper, for apple I used pompom, for making snow I used faux snow (which I bought from Dollar Tree). So, when you are done decorating your photo frame then turn all 4photo frame in the vertical line and then take the wool stick it with duct tape to the back of the photo frame as shown in the video. Then, your photo frame is ready to hang on the wall

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