DIY Paper Woven Photo-frame / Fridge Magnet.




Introduction: DIY Paper Woven Photo-frame / Fridge Magnet.

Simple home-made photo-frame. This holiday themed gift giving frame is easy to make with home supplies. Adorn your favorite photos with this paper woven frame and decorate your walls / fridge and good for gift giving.

Time : 2 hrs.

Supplies you will need..

1.Color paper - Dual color combination of your choice.

2.Ruler - Preferably metal ruler.





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Step 1:

Make 0.5cm strips as shown in the image. Keeping the ends of the strips joined will help to weave comfortably and easily.

Step 2:

Step 3: Corner Weave:

Weave as shown in the image.

Step 4:

Weave the extension in the same way as previous step.

Step 5:

Glue the folded edges at the back.

Step 6:

Now weave your second color as shown in the picture. Fold and glue the excess at the back. Gluing helps the weave to stay in its place.

Step 7: Output of Basic Photo Frame:

Step 8: Making Photo Frame Into Fridge Magnet:

To make this into fridge magnet, I have used magnetic photo cover and black sheet.

Step 9: Black Sheet Backing:

Make strips of black sheet and paste it to the backside of the photo-frame. This conceals the numerous paper joints at the back and also gives a backing support to the frame.

Step 10: Final Product:

Glue the magnetic photo cover onto the black backing. Leave it to dry well and insert your favorite photo and place it onto your fridge.


1.Any paper including magazine sheets can be used to replicate this.

2.Magnetic photo-cover can be replaced with magnetic strips.

3. Preferably use metal ruler to cut your sheets.

4. Use cutting board or vitrified tile or glass to avoid scratches / cut on your work top.

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    7 months ago

    Meri smjh nhi aa rha kese bnagea plzz help me

    art freak 9
    art freak 9

    5 years ago

    it's awesome... you make it look so simple. Would definitely give it a try hope it turns as beautiful as yours :)


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! Do try it. You would definitely feel awe and happy on seeing the end result. The happiness of seeing it on your refrigerator or wall is beyond words because that is how I feel every time I use my refrigerator.

    Wow the frames turned out gorgeous, the colors are so bright! I love how all the ends get tucked away, it comes out so clean looking!