DIY Paperclip Ring!!

Introduction: DIY Paperclip Ring!!


Here is a very easy ring to make and to fiddle with when u are bored! Note: This is very... very... very... very... very... ve- OKAY YOU GET IT!

Step 1: Get Your "Oh So Many" Paperclips

Needed items:

1: A paperclip

2: Another paperclip

3: One more paperclip

Which makes 3 paperclips in total!


Now what ya gotta do is put a paperclip on top of another (as seen in picture one) and pull so that it looks like what I did in pic 2 (I had trouble wording that. please feel free to correct anything I did wrong). do the same with that paper clip at the back. just place on top and pull! SIMPLE!!

Step 3: Now Make Em a Triangular Ring!

Lets join em all up!

Now what you need to do is take the paperclip in the front and link it with the one in the back. Kinda like what you where doing at first. just place it like what I got in the close-ups and pull then... VUALÀ!!!!!! ITS A TRING (triangular ring... I just made that up!) I DECLARE THAT THIS INVENTION IS CALLED... A TRING!!!

Step 4: Now Put It on Without Hurting Yourself.

Now make sure your TRING's clip sides are facing inward so that when you use your other fingers to turn it, you dont end up huting yourself!


Now ware it whichever way is comfy for ya! SHOW YOUR FRIENDS YOUR DERPY TRING AND TEACH EM HOW TO DO IT! SUPA EASY! Also note that this is not a tring. its a TRING with all caps.



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