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Simple yet pretty and elegant party favors that you can do yourself!

Step 1: Materials

Chocolate bars or any chocolate box of your choice. I use Reese this time

Golden tissue paper (or any color of your choice)

Smallest size of doilies

Ribbon (the color and type is whatever you prefer)

Sticky tape


Bling-bling with adhesive (of your choice. Can be flowers, pearls, etc)

Tags, optional

Paper puncher, optional

Step 2: Wrapping Chocolate

Take one tissue paper and cut with scissor, a rectangular, big enough to wrap the chocolate

Wrap the chocolate and secure with sticky tape

Once chocolate box is wrapped, lay a doilie on the upper surface, and secure with sticky tape

Step 3: Final Touch

Tie a ribbon on chocolate and pretty it up with adhesive bling bling

Your favor is ready :)

If you like, you can print thank you stickers and attach on the favors. You can also print thank you tags and glue it either with double side sticky tape or paper glue OR you can paper punch the tag then run through the ribbon before tying the box.

NOTE: my tag is handmade just so I can give you a picture what the favor would look like with thank you tag :)



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