DIY Party Popper

Introduction: DIY Party Popper

About: I'm a musician, crafter, dessert lover and proud grandma.

I really enjoy creating things to make people smile, a delicious dessert, nice home decoration or party related things (if you follow me you'd know this perfectly). Today i'm going to show you how to make a party popper that doesn't require much and works great.

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Step 1: Materials

15 inches of 3/4" PVC pipe

Contact paper

Tissue paper

Big sequin a little bigger than the hole of the PVC pipe

Scotch tape


Step 2: Stopper

Cut a little triangle off your sequin and use scotch tape to put it in one of the ends of your PVC pipe. Make sure you don't cover the triangle you just cut with the scotch tape.

Step 3: Make It Look Pretty

I like to pay attention to details. Place your PVC pipe over the contact paper and cut it to fit the size of it.

Pull the paper apart to reveal the adhesive and put it around your pipe. Cut any excess paper.

Step 4: Fill It

Fold your tissue paper in 4 and cut long strips of around half an inch of width. Place an inch of a strip inside the pipe and cut it, move it to the inside another inch and cut it again. This will let you cut all the little pieces and place them inside the pipe all at the same time and without making any mess (or just a little).

Continue doing this until you reach the top of your pipe.

Step 5: Make It Fly!

It's ready to be used. You have to keep it up in the meantime you use it. Just hold it tight and make an energetic move to the front with your arm and watch the magic. It looks great and I can't imagine how awesome this would be in a party with 40 people doing this a the same time!

Never stop to marvel!

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