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This is a real economic DIY solar water heater, which can happen with a very little tool one may always find in the household. This solar water heater is so simple and easy to do with only two ends of pipe connected to the storage tank for hot and cold water, with no bends at all. This solar utilizes black HDPE pipe arranged in a concentric and conical form. It needs a stand to hold the pipe though, that can be simply be made with a bamboos frames or you can even create a sump/ cut earth to create and manage your stand like arrangements to hold the black pipe assembly with the plastic cover at the top. You may also paint the pipe assembly with the black paint for better performance.

The simplicity and innovation of this DIY solar must have caught the attention of CNN international television network back then in April 2012 Road to Rioshow a their green city journey. This DIY PORTABLE SOLAR WATER A GREEN GOLD was aired in CNN international on April 2012 and it was a real joy for me as DIY ENTHUSIAST besides being an architect by profession.

Please follow the link also to know more... and the link to the complete show aired on CNN International if you wish.

Since Our Video's on YouTube are very descriptive, I found it convenient to create subtitles there, which enables one to understand the content in most of the language. Enjoy the video and try to do one " DIY SOLAR WATER HEATER" coming winter and save mother earth by harnessing low cost energy DIY solution.

DIY Passive Solar water heater Construction

The link to the video aired on CNN international, DIY portable solar clip starting at tail end at 23.40 minutes CNN Road to Rio Show April 2012

And this also reminds me of one of the very coveted challenge back then in 2010, we were one of the star contender covered by

For people in hotter climate I request them to generate and use hot water with DIY solution for " WASHING, CLEANING" , and further more always try to use preheated water through DIY cheper solar gadgets as this solar water heater, which helps to save a lot of your energy bills at the end of the day.


Step 1:

You can View the entire construction sequence in this YouTube Channel

Step 2:

And also in this video



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    2 years ago

    Pretty cool! I am so going to try this... We have a DIY laundry to landscape system, and sometimes I wish the water were just a little warmer! I just voted for you!

    1 reply

    Thanks ....I should have published this inscrutable long time back, I shall check if I can publish my real miniature DIY passive solar water heater a green gold sooner... attaching a link on YouTube for your pleasure... Cheers!


    2 years ago

    i have always wondered: how well would this work in a cold climate? obviously sunlight is sunlight regardless of air temp, but how well would something like this do in sub-0 temps? would the sunlight be enough to overcome the cold air, or would it just freeze up?

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    We need to improvise it a bit more in subzero temperature...the medium would not be water then and we have to devise a heat transfer medium embedded in the storage tank, a bit complicated though for DIY..... Cheers...!