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Introduction: DIY Pattern Paper

are you running short of pattern paper that suits the colours or theme of your project... don't worry... this cool and simple diy would help you out.

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Step 1: Supplies

the supplies are simple... you would need
1. colored paper or white printer paper of your choice.
2. Small stamps.

Step 2: Procedure

Randomly stamp using your favorite ink pad randomly ask over the page leaving gaps. Next take the other stamp and fill in the gaps.
and your pattern paper is ready. Isn't it quick and easy. I love making my own pattern paper. They are inexpensive, quick and customisable.

Step 3: Some More...

Here are examples of some more pattern paper I have made. For these I've used small stamps over plain printer paper. Once I'm satisfied with the stamping, I went ahead and created a colored background with chalk pastels. This added a special touch to those papers as well.
Go ahead and create your own stuff and do let me know if the tutorial helped you out.

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