DIY Peace Sign Dreamcatcher

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Hello everybody! This dreamcatcher has a peace sign in the ring of the dreamcatcher that is made out of twine, lace, and fake feathers made out of cardstock. This dreamcatcher is very easy and it looks very romantic.

You will need...

Inside a embroidery hoop

Twine Lace



1. Take one piece of twine and tie one end to one side of the hoop and take the other side twine and tie the other side the hoop.

2. Take another peace of twine and tie it to the other side next to the original of piece of twine. Then, stretch the twine and tie it to original piece of twine in the middle to create a peace sign. 3. I didn't have any feathers so I made them out a cardstock. I traced out feather on the cardstock and then I cut out three feathers.

4. Put the beads on the twine and then place the feathers on the twine. Move the beads on the feather to keep it in place.

5. Tie the lace and the feathers to the hoop.

6. Tie a loop at the of the top hoop with the twine.

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    3 years ago

    Cute! The pink feathers are great!