DIY Pencil Case

Introduction: DIY Pencil Case

You will need :

- Printer and downloadable template

- PVC plastic sheet

- Scissors

- Stanley knife

- Prit Stick

- Superglue

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Step 1: Print

Print out the pdf of our template and glue to the plastic sheet (PVC) using a prit stick

Step 2: Cut Out Plastic From Template

Use your scissors to cut out the outside black lines on the template

Step 3: Scoring

Using the stanley knife, score the inside black lines on the plastic. Don't apply too much pressure or it will cut through the plastic.

Step 4: Folding Plastic

Fold over the scored edges

Step 5: Glue Together

Glue together the 4 small tabs to the edges. Be careful not to snap the tabs of when doing this. You're done!!

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    1 year ago

    This is a cool way to move from 2D to 3D with easy to find materials :)