DIY Personal Weather Station Monitor

Introduction: DIY Personal Weather Station Monitor

Personal Weather Station Monitor display your weather personal station sensors value, 4 days forecasts, moon, sun. It is not mine project. I just little modified to get sensors value from and display on TFT screen.

You need register in to get api key and to get ,,read api keys"

All license belongs to Daniel Eichhorn



1) 2.8 Inch ILI9341 240x320 SPI TFT Display
2) Nodemcu ESP 12, Wemos, ESP32

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Step 1: 2.8 Inch ILI9341 240x320 SPI TFT Display

Step 2: Nodemcu ESP12, Wemos D1

Step 3: Wiring Diagram

Step 4: 3d Printed Case

Step 5: Arduino Code

Installing the Arduino ESP8266 Filesystem Uploader >>

  1. Download a copy of '
  2. Drop the esp8266fs.jar file into Arduino tool directory (the path will look something like [home_dir]\Arduino\tools\ESP8266FS\tool\esp8266fs.jar)
  3. Open Personal_Weather__Station_TFT_Monitor.ino file
  4. Tools > ESP8266 Sketch Data Upload
  5. Sketch > Upload

Step 6: IoT Personal NodeMCU ESP12 WiFi Wireless Weather Station

How upload personal weather station sensors value to link

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