DIY Photo Booth With Live Image Sharing

Introduction: DIY Photo Booth With Live Image Sharing

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This is a quick tutorial on how to build the absolute best photo booth for cheap. This is an inexpensive yet professional quality photo booth that anyone can make themselves. This photo booth setup is perfect for parties, weddings and any other event. Everyone LOVES a photo booth! I am a wedding photographer and I bring a similar setup to all of my weddings; my clients absolutely LOVE it!

Here are the materials needed:

1. A Windows based tablet (I like this one, but any will do:

2. A universal tablet adapter (

3. A clamp to attach the tablet adapter to tripod/lightstand (

4. A tripod or light stand

5. A Canon DSLR

6. Flassh Photo Booth software (

7. Flassh iOS app (

Step one: Attach your Canon DSLR to your tripod

Step two: Attach your tablet adapter to your tripod

Step three: Download and install the Flassh photo booth software to your tablet

Step four: Launch Flassh on the tablet and create your event

Step five: Place tablet in tablet adapter and connect to DSLR via a USB cable

Step six: On the tablet "run" your event and you're all set!

Step seven: Get this party started!!!

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    3 years ago

    Very cool idea! I like this simple setup!