DIY Picture Search

Introduction: DIY Picture Search

This DIY Picture Search is a very simple (but fun) way of showing your most treasured photos. But since you probably don't know how to make it, I'll instruct you on how to create one.

My dad and I came up with this idea after a long couple of minutes of thinking. We think it is a great idea and want to show everybody how to create it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Step 1: Materials

You will need a couple of things to do this...

- A computer with Pages on it

- Availability to the internet

That's pretty much it...

Step 2: Creating the Base Photo

Set up a blank pages document, once you have done this go on to the internet or find one of your own pictures that has many parts to it (colors, shapes, sizes, etc). Add this picture on to your pages document. The picture attached to this step is a photo that I took of a scene that has lots of colors and shapes.

Step 3: Your Own Photos

What I said in the intro doesn't have to be true. The pictures you choose don't have to be your most treasured pictures. They can be anything.

Pick any picture you want (make it simple) and put this on to your same pages document.

Step 4: Organization

Make your photo (the one you just added) a ton smaller than the base photo. You can repeat process 3 as many times as you like until you have as many photos as you want (minimum 1, maximum endless). Hide these photos as trickily or as plainly as you want.

Tricky is matching the colors to background colors and hidden with similar shapes and sizes

Plain, well you know what plain is, it's pretty obvious

Step 5: Words

Lets not forget them! at the bottom of your document, make a small word bank describing each of the photos you hid.

Thank You if you read through my steps and enjoyed it! If you could help me by voting or even commenting it would be so great! I have enjoyed making this, and I hope you enjoyed it too!

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