DIY Pillowcase Lounger


Introduction: DIY Pillowcase Lounger

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Step 1: Supplies You'll Need

-4 to 5 pillowcases
-4 to 5 pillows
-sewing machine
-Fusible Velcro

Step 2:

Start by cutting out 2 (2-inch) sections of fusible Velcro for each pillowcase. Line up the "hook" and "loop" strips on opposite sides of the pillowcase. Heat up your iron and fuse the Velcro in place according to the package instructions. Repeat for each pillowcase.

Step 3:

line up the long sides of 2 of the pillowcases. Sew the 2 pillowcases together with a 1/8-inch seam allowance. I recommend using a shorter stitch length for added durability and back-stitching at the ends to prevent the seam from coming undone. Continue sewing the pillowcases together in this way until all of the pillowcases are connected.

I sewed 4 pillowcases together total, which was the perfect size with room to spare for a preschooler. You may want to sew together 5 pillowcases for an older child.

Step 4:

Stuff each of the pillowcases with a pillow, then seal the Velcro ends to keep the pillows from coming out.

Fold the top 2 pillows up to create the headrest for your pillowcase lounger. Now you are ready to pop some popcorn, relax and enjoy movie night.

Step 5:

Now you're done and you've got a pillowcase lounge perfect for sleepovers and a movie night.




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