DIY Pin - the Flash

Introduction: DIY Pin - the Flash

Hi all,

Here is a quick way to make your own pin for any occasion

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Step 1: Materials

For this straightforward pin you will need the following 5 materials:

1. A washer: Any washer will do. I used a fender washer because thats what I had

2. A printed picture of the type of pin you want to make: In my case the flash logo

3. A pin-back

4. A glue gun and glue stick

5. A laminator or packaging tape

Step 2: Build Out

First you want to measure the size of the washer you will be using. Next find an image that you would like to use. When you print the image look at the "print preview" to see what percentage of the image you want to print out. For example, I printed the flash logo at 15% of the actual image size so it would fit on my washer, but your percentage will be different depending on the size of the washer you choose and the size of the image you pick for your pin. I had to print my image twice until I got the image size to overlap the washer.

After you print the image, cut it out and see if it fits nicely over the washer. For this next part you can do it one of two ways. Option A: laminate the image and cut it out. Option B: cover the image on both sides with packaging tape and cut it out. The reason you do Option A or B is because you want to strengthen the image so the paper doesn't tear.

Following that, you hot glue the image to one side of the washer and wait until the glue dries

Step 3: Finshing the Build Out

Once the hot glue is dried, flip the washer over and measure out where you want the pin back to go. Check your measurement twice, draw a line so you know where to add the pin-back. Depending on the pin-back you get, some come with an adhesive and some do not. For my pin, I hot glued the pin-back to the washer. Wait for the glue to dry completely and your done. Good luck to you and happy pin making! Cheers!

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    3 years ago

    Very clever! This is a great way to make a simple pin. Nicely done :)