DIY Pipe Shelf

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If you watch many videos on my channel, you'll likely come across a pipe project or a shelf project but today I'm combining the best of both worlds to bring you the industrial style Pipe Shelf!




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Step 1: Cut Shelves

The first thing we're going to do is cut our shelves. I used two 10ft 1x10s in pine and cut them to length.

My shelves are going to be 36" wide.

Step 2: Holes

Once I got my boards cut, I measured out where my holes were going to go for my pipe to fit through.

I put mine 4 5/8ths" (half the width of the board) and then 3" in from the side.

Then I used my drill press with a 7/8ths" forstner bit. You could also use a spade bit in a regular drill if you don't have access to a drill press.

I drilled my boards 2 at a time to try and keep the holes as lined up as possible.

Step 3: Finishing Your Boards

Then I sanded down all the boards with an orbital sander (you could also use sandpaper, a palm sander, or skip this step altogether). I finished with 150 grit pads.

Then I used Provincial stain by Varathane to finish them off. You can also add a couple coats of sealer on top for a more durable finish.

Step 4: Pipes

Now that the shelves are done, it's time for the pipes! I used 1/2" black steel pipe, but you could use 3/4" pipe if you wanted a more bulky look.

These black steel pipes are usually a bit greasy so I gave them all a wipe down with some paint thinner. You could also use acetone or dish soap.

While my shelves were drying, I put together most of my pipe parts to make the final assembly easier. I assembled all of the parts that go in between the shelves as well as the 4 corner pieces that attach to the wall.

Step 5: Assembly

I assembled my shelf on a large, flat surface.
To install, I was able to screw mine into studs, but if thats not an option, you just have to use drywall anchors.

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