DIY Pirate Ship Playhouse




Me and the kids (3 & 5) had a look online at playhouse ideas and had decided we would build a pirate ship! Funds were running a little short after a major garden revamp and after promising the kids a playhouse I didn’t want to be a bad dad!

Step 1: Sourcing the Materials

Searching Facebook I found a local sawmill selling wood as seconds basically to save space in their skips. So I took the car round loaded it up and paid the guy the £20!

Step 2: The Design

Pirate ship in mind plus the limited space we had we came up with a sketch! Pirate ship on stilts (roughly)

Step 3: Building

Then work took place, built a pirate bar first which was missed off the sketch but we had the timber to do it!

Then on with the pirate ship and access stairs and finishing the decking around the bottom of the ship.

Step 4: End Result

Voila! The nearly finished product (needs a sand and a lick of paint)

Step 5: Finally Got Round to Painting It



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    1 year ago

    £20 for a boot full of timber, well played mate! where about in the UK is the saw mill?


    1 year ago

    That's really fun! I'm sure the kids love it :)