DIY Place Cards/Table Settings

Introduction: DIY Place Cards/Table Settings

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I wanted to see if i could create some cool place card settings for my wedding that didn't cost the earth & would use up the many craft items i had piled up over the months.

There is no seating plan but i liked the idea of naming the tables, so based on the Woodstock/Festival theme i basically roughed up a selection of 60's & 70's acts that i could use.

I had heavy weight photo paper left over from my wedding invites that i designed, so i just needed to find a few images & band logos off the internet first, to create the initial images to print out. My main colours were those of the rainbow (so red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange & blue) so i assigned each band a colour. There would be 14 tables in total, so i needed 2 of every colour.

Once that was done the main tools i needed were as follows:

Cutting Pad
Craft Knife
Acyrlic paints
Paint Brush
Bamboo Skewers
Metal Ruler
Clear Multipurpose Glue

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Step 1:

Firstly I went about painting the bamboo sticks, for this i needed 14 Sticks, 2 of each colour. I painted the entire stick bar the pointed end with one coat of acrylic paint & rested on a tin can to dry for around 20 minutes.

Step 2:

Whilst the sticks dried i cut out the images from the photo paper using my craft knife, metal ruler & cutting pad.

Step 3:

i took one of the smaller square packs of fimo that i had & divided it into 4 pieces. I then rolled each piece into balls & gently flattened one side to create the base of my place card holder.

Step 4:

Using my cutting pad & the sharp end of one of the bamboo sticks, i made a hole in the centre of each of the fimo half domes i'd created. I then placed them in the oven to harden for 30 mins (as per instructions on fimo packet)

Step 5:

While the bases were cooking i folded the printed images in half & then applied a thin layer of glue around the inside edges & one running down the centre.

I then placed the dried painted bamboo stick onto the centre line of glue & folded over the paper, pressing lightly for 30 seconds to make sure good contact is made with all the sides.

Step 6:

Once i'd finished attaching all the images to the sticks, i took the fimo bases out of the oven & allowed to cool for 5 minutes. 

I then inserted the pointed/unpainted part of the image sticks into the bases.

**They were a snug fit so required nothing further, however if you're a bit unsure, just pop a bit of glue in the hole first & then insert the stick & allow to dry

Step 7:

Once complete i popped them into my handmade tin vases (in coordinating colours of course), with an artificial flower & now have a great, simple & cheap place card setting that looks great!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! You should put the picture of the finished place card setting in the intro step.