DIY Simple/Minimalistic Plastic Swing

Introduction: DIY Simple/Minimalistic Plastic Swing

This is a tutorial on how to make a simple swing made from ABS or other bendable sheet plastics.

Difficulty: easy/normal

Time: 2 hours at max (shopping time not included)

Index of materials:

- ABS sheet, thickness 5mm (can be found in DIY-stores, hobby shops, etc..)

- Hot air blower (can be found in DIY-stores)

- Rope (preferably flax), length about 20m is sufficient

- Ruler/protractor

- Pencil

- Two or more pairs of hands

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Step 1: Step 1: Preparing the Plate

Acquire an ABS plate with the following dimensions: 60x30

You can however, choose your own dimension and customize it to your own body.

Draw the diagonals on the plate.

Measure about 5cm from each corner and mark these point.

After that, draw lines perpendicular to the diagonals on the previous marks.

The last lines are the guides for cutting of excessive material.

This can be done very easily with a saw.

Step 2: Step 2: Bending the Sheet

Once you've sawed of the excessive material on the corners, it's time to bend the tabs of the swing.

These tabs will;

1. absorb forces

2. function as a attachment system for the rope

Lay the sheet horizontally on the table with the smooth side facing up (this is the inside of the swing). Draw lines 4cm from the edges, symmetric to the edges.

Let's start with the long tabs.

Place the sheet like it's shown on the drawing. The small part of 4cm mustn't be on the table. Warm the inside of the swing along the previously marking, along the whole length. Once you see and/or feel that the sheet is becoming flexible, it will start dropping automatically through the action of gravity.

I'd advise you to control the drop, by firmly pushing or pulling the tab.

While the area is still warm, you can place it vertically on the table and tilt it to ensure that the bend is straight along the whole length.

Do the same thing with the opposite tab.

The short tabs work the same way, but they require the angle of crease to be bigger (atleast 170°) to ensure that the rope would remain in position. The length of the fold however, should be bigger, creating a U-shape.

Step 3: Step 4: Preparing the Swing

Once the folding is done, you can start preparing your swing.

First of all find a tree with a thick, straight branch.

Knot the two ends of the rope , and throw the rope over the branch (to make the throw easier, you should attach a small weight to the rope).

Once you have the two ends of the rope in your hands, you can insert the two loops into the small U-shapped tabs.

To adjust the the height of the swing, you can simply redo the knob on another position, and putting away the excessive rope into the tabs.

That's it!

Enjoy your swinging!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    The drawings are awesome, but do you have any shots of the real thing?