DIY Plastic With Styrofoam




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Make your own custom plastic with Styrofoam and nail polish remover

Step 1: Materials

1) Food Coloring (optional)
2) Styrofoam
3) Nail Polish Remover

Step 2: Make It

Put the nail polish remover in a bowl then put the peanuts in. (Its really cool watching them dissolve) the plastic should be a liquid as shown in pictures 7,8, and 9. you can add food coloring for color if you want. [WEAR GLOVES]

Step 3: Mold

scrape up the plastic and shape it! [ONCE AGAIN USE GLOVES]{you can make a mold or mold it better do what you want}

Step 4: Let Dry and Your Done

there you go there are endless possibilities! When Dried The Plastic Is Hard And Almost Indistructable

Step 5: Vote

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