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Step 1: Top Hat

Using paper I made a base for the hat, sized it to the model, then taped it together. After that I got out my 3Doodle Pen and used PLA in black to go around it, then I just pulled out the paper once I was done.

Step 2: Clay

Using some air dry molding clay I sculpted out a beak and some strips to reshape the face and make some big eyebrows. Then I just re primed the model.

Step 3: Let's Start

I started off by taking an acrylic yellow paint and painting the base of the eye.

Step 4: Brown

Taking dark brown acrylic paint I filled in the brows, and also did the eyelid making sure to drag the line all around the yellow.

Step 5: Black

Now taking black I added the pupil and filled in the beak.

Step 6: Base

For the base of the face (ha) I mixed a yellow and brown acrylic paint and just covered the face, leaving white around the eyes.

Step 7: Feathers and Shadows

I used a red brown acrylic paint to make some feather and shade under the beak and around the eyes, then I took a dark brown in any places that needed more.

Step 8: Gray

Using gray I added some under eye bags.

Step 9: Clothes

Starting the clothes I painted in the jacket red and the pants black.

Step 10: Detail

Using black I made the under shirt, dark red to make the hood, and gray to add the zipper.

Step 11: More Detail

I painted the shoes red, then I used white to add a shine to the eyes and strips on the jacket, then I colored in the hands a skin tone.

Step 12: 3doodle

I then used the 3Doodle to make a bowtie.

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    Haha, aw thank you! I wish he would see this but he kinda gets a lot of fan art. =( OH WELL, it was fun. =)


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    Hey, you don't look like a zombie or a ghoul! I almost did not recognize you until I saw your name. This is a nice ible. I hope you are doing well.

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    Thank you. I'm doing ok, yourself?