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Introduction: DIY Pokeball: Becoming a Pokemon Master

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Want to be the very best, like no one ever was? Well, its going to take a good set of Pokeballs.

That was my inspiration for creating this DIY Instructable. Make sure you're ready for whatever is coming next: comic-con, Pokemon cosplay, marriage proposal or just a clever way to sneak snacks into the movie theater!

Roughly $25 bucks is all it takes to make a full set of six Pokeballs, that's a lot cheaper than those crooks at the Pokemart!

Step 1: Gathering Supplies for the Journey

Like any good adventurer, you're going to need the correct supplies for the job. Luckly, this project won't require you to catch a Meowth and spam Pay Day.

You should have most of these, but if not then it's time to raid Walmart!

  • Plastic Ball Ornaments ($1.29 each)
  • Painters Tape ($3.00)
  • Disposable Plastic Cup (don't act like you don't know)
  • White and Red Spray Paint ($4.00 each)
  • Sharpie ($1.00)
  • Thumbtacks ($1.00)
  • Washers ($1.00)
  • Mini Carabiners ($2.00 a set)
  • Glue (E6000 - $6.00)
  • Pliers or Cutting Device (train Cut to one of your Pokemon)

Step 2: Painting

You can buy the balls from Hobby Lobby. They've even got different sizes if you decide you want ones that are bigger or smaller: I went with the 2 3/4" size. Just remember, its not the size that matters, it's how you use it.
  1. You will want to take your sharpie and mark a line around the inside rim of your Pokeball where the two halve meet.
  2. Next, tape off the outside of the Pokeball. Make sure to have at least a little overlay onto the black to avoid spray paint bleeding. You don't have to completely tape off the black ring because the paint will only cover the inside. Since the ball is clear, people will still see the black ring.
  3. Cut up a disposable cup until the Pokeball sits snuggly inside. I flipped mine upside down and cut off the bottom until it covered my taped off area. This also holds them steady for painting.
  4. Paint those bad boys! Make sure you're spraying the same pieces white/red for the top and bottom.
  5. Give several even coats, make sure you let it completely dry between coats for best results.
  6. Remove the painters tape and check for any spraypaint that might have bled through. If so, just touch it up with your sharpie.
  7. Also, I attached my carabiners at this step. They help with stability for later steps.

Step 3: Adding the Button

This step is where you prepare and glue the button.

  1. Use the sharpie to color the washers black. It gives them a neat brushed metal look.
  2. Take a pair of wire cutters (or any cutting object) and cut the needles off of your thumbtacks. You don't have to cut it all off, just enough to where it won't stick out too much from the Pokeball.
  3. I next took my E6000 black glue and lined up the washer to where it was centered on the black line. Apply a decent amount, but try to place it so any excess comes up through the center.
  4. Take your thumbtacks and stick them into the center of the washer. I had to hold mine in place for about a minute before they held their spot and wouldn't shift off-center.

Step 4: Gotta Catch Em' All

After you've let them dry, go out and catch some Pokemon. Be the very best, like no one ever was.

If you have any questions feel free to ask! If you make these, please send me pictures. I would like to see this bringing joy to all my fellow Pokemon Masters out there.

This is my first Instructable, so please give me any constructive criticism you have. Also, be watching for the Team Rocket cosplay costume to come in a later DIY build.

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that is so true because i know a 21 year old who loves pokemon and they said you could be anything

1 reply

My son is 11 & has 3 store bought ($$$) poke balls. He loves them! I showed him your photo & told him ALL ages can like Pokemon. Because he thought people would laugh at him in the grocery store! Who cares what people think. Have fun and Catch 'Em All!

1 reply

It had a following before, but has grown tremendously with Pokemon Go to become very popular!
So glad I can play a part in helping build your son's confidence, thank you for sharing that with me!

I am so getting the "Best Gift" award this year! I can't wait to make these for a friend, he's going to flip. Thanks for this!

1 reply

You should go ahead and prepare your acceptance speech, because that award is as good as yours! Let me know if you have any questions during the build, I'm more than happy to help!

This is so cool I have always been a huge Pokemon fan

1 reply

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy my Instructable! Me too, I wanted a better Pokeball for my cosplay.

I am in the process of building my son a deck box for his cards. I think he would love these too! Nice 'ible and thanks for sharing!

1 reply

You're welcome! The design allows you to easily store things inside. My brother kept his keys in them when he was at Comic-Con. Let me know if you have any questions while you're making them! Your son will love it!

Very cool prop! Thanks for sharing how to make them!

1 reply