DIY Polaroid #191 Cable Release for Land Camera (210 Model)




Introduction: DIY Polaroid #191 Cable Release for Land Camera (210 Model)

After a search on the web for the cable release, I realized how pricy it would get (specially the s&h cost). I found an old vintage cable release in an old photographer bag and started checking everywhere for the perfect fit...this is what I came out with. Still to test later on today, since I have film inside ;)

Step 1: Materials

1 Normal cable release for cameras. 1 disposable water cap from squeeze bottle. - Sharp knife - Screws (several sizes to test) - pliers - a candle

Step 2: Cut

Using a sharp knife and being extremely careful, cut the cap like in the image.

Step 3: Light Up

Check your cable release to see the width of the end. Then grab a couple of screws or nails to start widening the opening. To widen, light up the candle. Using pliers or gloves grab the screw/nail and heat it up for a few seconds directly in the flame of the candle. Then press it or turn II into the cap (careful). I started with thin nails and as I was getting closer I did the last one with a screw. While the screw was hot, I began turning it so it could mark the winding part of the screw.

Step 4: Insert

Take the cable release and insert or sort of screw it inwards.

Step 5: Test

Now... the time to test. Although it is not a perfect fit, it stays in place and allows you to shoot..specially for long exposure photos. (testing it later on...)

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Well the shutter worked for a couple of times, then it started to get loose and didn't hold.
    Anyhow, I realised it didn't make a big difference regarding stability. Hope this helps you out.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    WOW!! a land camera!!! that's a rare bird!
    Can you make one for my sx-70?