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Introduction: DIY Polish Horseshoes or Beersbee

Here's our version of a DIY Beersbee set. Beersbee, also known as Polish Horseshoes, Frisknock, or Flimsee is a great outdoor game played with a flying disc or frisbee. The idea is to knock your opponents bottle off of their stand. They must catch the flying disc (and the bottle if it falls) before they hit the ground. We'll go into game play and rules later, for now, let's make a Beersbee set. Just about any 4' pole with a flat top and some sort of base will work, we chose PVC for this project since it's cheap, light weight, easy to work with and simple to find in just about any hardware store. We started this project with the idea of taking the Beersbee set tailgating at a Jimmy Buffet concert, we'll even make it look like it's made out of bamboo! This is a lot of extra work that is not required, so we'll finish the poles with the bamboo look in another instructable and link it here when we're done. This instructable in it's full and original form can be seen at our website Backyard TailGator.

Supplies needed for 1 set consisting of 2 Polish Horseshoes poles:

  • 20' of 1" PVC pipe (2 10' sticks of PVC)
  • QTY: 6 - 1" PVC T fittings
  • QTY: 2 - 2" to 3" PVC Reducing bushings
  • QTY: 2 - 3" PVC Drain pipe caps
  • QTY: 2 - 1" to 2" PVC Reducing Bushings
  • QTY: 2 - Short pieced of 3" PVC Pipe, about 1" each (optional but recommended)
  • QTY: 2 - Optional for a spike base to push into the ground, you can get 2 1" PVC Couplers
  • Also you can get some PVC glue to hold it all together, but if you've worked with PVC pipe already you know it is actually difficult to pull apart if pushed together tightly, so gluing is optional.

Tools Needed:

Hacksaw, or any other saw for cutting PVC such as a miter saw.

Step 1: Create the Platform for the Bottle to Sit On

First we'll make two platforms for the bottles to sit on, which we'll eventually place on top of the Polish Horseshoes pole. I put a 1" long piece of 3" PVC into the 2" to 3" reducer already in the picture above. This isn't required, but the drain cap will fit tight and won't have to be glued in if the 3" pipe piece is inserted.

Next we'll put the 3" PVC drain cap in the 3" part of the reducer. It will be a nice tight fit if you used the short piece of 3" PVC first.

We'll then flip the 2" to 3" reducer over and put the 1" to 2" reducer inside the other end. It can be glued if you want, but it isn't necessary and in fact if you push it all the way in test fitting it may not come back out.

Repeat the steps for the second bottle base, you should end up with two parts that have a flat surface to place the bottle and another that will fit on the 1" PVC pole.

Step 2: Cut the 1" PVC for the Beersbee Poles

Next you want to cut one of the 10' PVC pieces into two 4' pieces with a hack saw or miter saw, you will use these as the main beersbee poles. Save the leftover 2' piece for the next step.

Step 3: Create the Base for the Beersbee Pole to Sit On

Next we'll make the bases for the Poles that will sit on the ground. Cut your remaining 1" PVC pipe into 12 equal pieces, each about 12" each. You will loose a small amount of pipe with each cut which is why they aren't exactly 12", it's not a problem, just get them close. Using three 1" PVC "T" fittings per base, dry fit them as shown in the picture. The only place I recommend gluing the PVC is the 4 connections that keep all the T fittings together as shown in the image, this will keep the pole from trying to rotate or tilt during play. Just make sure they are aligned correctly before gluing. Leave the rest of the pieces unglued so it's easier to store and move, you can always glue them later if you decide you want to.

Step 4: Finish Your Beersbee and Get Out and Play!

Just place your 4' section of pipe between the bottle holder and the base and your ready to play Polish Horseshoes. Place your bottle on top of the pole. If you need full instructions to play beersbee you can find them at Backyard TailGator. Of course if you don't feel like making your own set you can purchase one already made, we carry the Yardies Polish Horseshoes set that is the envy of all Beersbee gurus.

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    Sounds like a fun game!