DIY Polishing/Sanding Table (in a Hurry)

I work alone a lot & sometimes two hands just aren't enough so I had to find a way to polish parts that were way to small for me to use my portable variable speed polisher on & this is what I came up with..

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Step 1: What You'll Need

1. Table
2. Polisher (I used my 6" variable speed polisher from Harbor Frieght)
3. Strap
5. 6 Outlet power strip with on/off switch
6. Roll of electrical tape

Step 2: Setting Up the Contraption

First, Tape the trigger down on the polisher (see pic)

1. Set up table

2. lay the polisher face up on the table & strap it securely to the table

3. Plugin power strip & make sure button is in the off position

4. Plug polisher into power strip & turn on power strip to supply power to polisher

5. Polish or sand & have fun doing it

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