DIY 240v AC Power Generator for Emergency - Portable AC Hand Crank

Introduction: DIY 240v AC Power Generator for Emergency - Portable AC Hand Crank

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Hello Friends, Sometimes In Emergency Situations electrical energy is required for lighting and phone charging purposes so i found a really interesting way to build portable hand crank electric generator for more than 110 v - 240 v and if you spin really crazy 550+ Volts !

In emergency situations this is going to provide emergency electricity power to charge your phone or light a small 1 watt led or run any small appliances in your home. This device is similar to hand cranked charger available in the market which generates 5 v. but this Portable hand crank charger will provide up to 500 v AC current 4 watt.

** Parts You need to buy **

1) Microwave oven motor

1) Microwave oven motor

Step 1: Let's Make AC Hand Crank !

1. First i got the synchronous ac motor from an old microwave ,this is the motor that rotates you food very slowly . This motor can be also a generator . @ 5 RPM (Revolution Per Minute) it will easily generate around 240 Volts Ac

2. If You Don't Have old Microwave , You Can buy this motor instead

3. This Motor is geared so a handle would make your cranking work a lot easy , so for handle i used a screwdriver , and that's it .

4. Now "Work Hard ,Play Hard Cranking is your job ! "

5. I tested few electric appliances with this generator You Can Check Out Here

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