DIY Portable Solar Cooker




Introduction: DIY Portable Solar Cooker

This project will make a solar cooker that can be carry even inside the lunch box. With this item, cooking under the sun can be easily done. This is helpful in hiking and camping.

Step 1: Mrepare the Materials

* dark bottle
* glass cutter
* candle
* ice
* plastic bottle
* double adhesive tape (thick)
* double adhesive tape (thin)
* cable tie
* mylar sheet
* aluminum foil

Step 2: Cut the Bottle

Remove the labels of glass bottle.
Wash the bottle inside and out.
Using glass cutter, mark the bottle to the desired height of the bottle to be cut.
Light up the candle.
Put the glass cutter marked to the candle flame. Turn the bottle until completed the mark.
Place the ice glass cutter marked.
Repeat heating the bottle and putting iced until the bottle cut.

Smooth the edge of the glass using sand paper.

Step 3: Make the Reflector's Frame

Cut the plastic bottle as shown above.
Make two semi circles.
Place two hinges to connect these semi circles. See the images as reference.

Step 4: Place the Glass to the Frame

Add two thick double adhesive tape around the glass as shown above. This will serve as grip for the cable tie and glass.
Fix the glass to the frame using cable ties as shown above.

Step 5: Place the Reflectors

Cover the frame with mylar sheet.

Step 6: Ready to Go

Portable solar cooker is now ready.

To use it, open the reflectors and place to to the sun.

Happy cooking.

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    4 Discussions

    John Peter RobertS
    John Peter RobertS

    3 years ago

    Where have you used it, and what did you "cook" ?
    I really don't understand how I should be able to make feks, Tea.
    The water should get up to nearly cooking temperature, and I doubt that this can.
    How long time will it take to heat a cup of soup, and how hot will it be?


    3 years ago

    How long does it take to reach 150F, the temperature water is pasteurized at?


    3 years ago

    How hot does it get?


    Reply 3 years ago

    With the help of the reflectors the heat will concentrate at the center where the glass is located.
    The darker the glass the better. In this example, I used the beer bottle so painting of the glass is not necessary.