DIY Portable Soldering Iron Station

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I try to make Portable Soldering Iron Station. it can reach about 4 hour with 12V 4A battery part inside or use 220V input. I use 12V 15A Switching PSU, 12V battery part,12 to 24V boost circuit, hakko station circuit. The privous instructable about 24V power supply and hakko station below.

Home Make Hakko Station, Soldering Station New Project 2018

How to build SMPS transformer | Home make 12V 10A switching power supply | SMPS transformer.

Make 24V 15A switching power supply from OLD Computer PSU V1

Make 24V 15A switching power supply from OLD Computer PSU V2

Home Make 24V 30 Amperes DC Motor Speed Controler

You can download all file here PCB,Schematic,Gerber file for you can order PCB online. I alway upload gerber file to JLCPCB.COM for get PCB with only 2$for 10PCB.

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Step 1: Make a Box

I use wood for make the box and drill my hole for put potentiometer

Step 2: Solder All Component and First Test

I connect all components together like picture below. The battery can charge with battery charger ciruit below.

Step 3: Finish and Use Battery Inside for Test

I have a switch to switch between battery and input source



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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    12 months ago

    Nice design. I rarely need to solder something that is already close to an outlet. So a portable setup would be a big help.