DIY Power Outlet Timer


Today step by step we will make an outlet with a timer.

It is useful to use it as a charger.

Do not worry if you forget to take the batteries off of the charger because the timer will cut off the circuit.

This timer also come in handy while testing equipment and operating lights.

Step 1: Parts Used + : Assemble the Parts

The parts list to make this is simple:

Two (2) power outlet with its box (two size)

· One (1) indicator lamp

· One (1) electric wire

· One (1) Electric plug

· Timer key from old fan table.

Step1: attach the two outlet box together.

Step 2: Attach the timer switch and duplex outlet to the electrical box using the mounting screws that came with each device.

Step 3: Past the time label to cover box with super glue.

Step 4: Remove one of the knockouts in the back of the double gang electrical box and insert the cut end of the power cable into the box.

Step 5: Attach each wire in the right passion to the outlet.

Step 6: Test the connections.

Step 2:

The max, time can adjusted with This timer can be set to about two hours.




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